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Through time man has used clay for making industrial use pieces. Following this principle and projecting the new century, in the year 2000, COLOMBIANA DE CERAMICAS Y MATERIALES "Colcerama Ltda.", is born, an enterprise dedicated to the manage of the clay and the machinery design for its use.

General Production System

Although it is a "young" enterprise, it carries within it the experience and spirit of the distinguished civil engineer Regulo Huertas Mendieta, who joined to a select collaborators group and high quality clays, search to offer day by day, a better and wide range of products and services that satisfy the humanity welfare
Colcerama - produccion
Colcerama - objetivo


  • Being respectful and careful of the environment, carry out activities without compromising the abilities of the future generations in order to satisfy their needs.
  • Complete satisfaction of all of our clients.
  • Continuous research and development of materials and machinery and technological advances and new concepts on security, health and environmental sciences, applying in it the national engineering knowledge.
  • Fulfillment of all of our collaborators.